R.L. Bradsher Contracting, Inc.,
mines, processes and blends
Specification Golf Sands
on-site in
Spout Springs, NC.  By owning our
own sand pit, we can supply multiple
grades of sand to meet your
landscaping needs.
R.L. Bradsher Contracting, Inc.,
produces Greensmix with Canadian
Spaghnum Peat or California style
straight greens, as well as, custom
blended mixes specific to the needs of
each golf course or ball-field.  R.L.
Bradsher Contracting, Inc. produces
USGA Specification Sand for a
growing number of North Carolina's
Golf Courses including public and
private country clubs.  All custom
blended mixes undergo strict quality
testing including:
  • Particle Size Distribution
  • Hydraulic Conductivity
  • Capillary Porosity
  • Amendment Ratios
  • pH Levels
  • Water Retention
Other Sand Products
Also Available:
  • Mortar Sand
  • Bunker Sand
  • Tee Sand
  • Topsoil Blends
  • Concrete Sand
  • Topdress Sand
  • Greensmix
  • White Play Sand
  • Topdress Mix
  • Screened Topsoil
Please Note:
Typically, we deliver in 6, 8, 10, 12,
18, 22 and 25 yard/ton loads
depending on the product.
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Sand & Gravel Products
R.L. Bradsher Contracting, Inc.
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