My husband, Robert and I formed R.L. Bradsher Contracting, Inc., in 1978.
 Robert started the company by driving a dump truck while I answered
telephones in our home/office selling screened topsoil.  We were one of the
first suppliers in the area of machine-screened topsoil
As with any young married couple, and since Robert had been in some type
of farming business since the age of 12, we wanted to make the family farm
prosper and flourish in the hope that one day our children; Shelly, Lori and
Scott would want to continue the family tradition.  We incorporated a
pick-your-own produce business which grew to about 40 acres, but due to
the changing times, we downsized the produce and concentrated on
expanding the soil industry.

About this same time, we stumbled upon an outstanding landmark for our
farm.  People have come to know him as "
The Giant Man", "The Jolly
Green Giant
", and even "Paul Bunyan".  Whatever you choose to call him,
he stands there at the entrance to the driveway and welcomes everyone to
the farm with a gentle smile and open arms.

As time went by, Robert and I foresaw the possibility of adding golf course
grade sands to the business and Robert built his own dredge, to dredge sand
from the Neuse River, which is adjacent to the family farm.  Robert would
was and size the sand, and then he and I would sell it to golf courses in the
Raleigh area.  The business continued to prosper and now two of our three
children, Shelly and Scott, work with us.  Our daughter, Lori wanted to
expand from the farm and is now a cut and color specialist in the hair salon
business.  Shelly oversees the sod business and helps a great deal in the
office, while Scott is an accomplished welder, helping to keep our equipment
running and has just obtained his CDL license and helps deliver our products
to our customers like you.
Several years ago, we began looking for a better location to produce sand
that would be of a consistent specification.  Finally in 1998 we located a
215-acre farm in Spout Springs, NC that would allow us to do just that.  We
have set up our own mining operation there where we mine, process blend
and transport our sand for our customers.  By adding this farm to our
business, we are capable of producing Greensmix with Canadian Spaghnum
Peat or California style straight greens, as well as, custom blended materials
USGA Specification Golf Course Sand according the individual
need of each client.  To ensure that we are producing the mix consistency
our clients want, we test our products at our in-house lab and then we send
the mixture to a
USGA approved outside lab for further analysis to ensure
customer satisfaction and superior material quality.
Fortunately, our family business has continued to grow with the help of our
children, our employees and most important our clients.  We are continually
adding new mixes to our product line and with the help of family, current
customers and future customers, we hope to continue to provide high quality
products at the most competitive prices while providing the highest standard
in customer service.

R.L. Bradsher Contracting, Inc., would like to thank you for your
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